How to choose the water mattress?

Not all water mattresses are the same. The different types of water mattresses are distinguished by their shape, treatment, stabilization and the type of vinyl used. The best comfort is given by the water mattresses that have a “comfort surface”. In this type of mattress, there is an extra-elastic top side that makes the mattress even more adaptable to the body.

The quality of the welds is also very important. For this reason, it is better to focus on quality and opt for products made by those who have long experience in the sector.

Water mattresses: the models:

Thanks to research and new technologies, flexible materials have been created that come directly from the water. These are eco-friendly materials in which water is the only expanding agent. They are materials capable of combining high strength, extraordinary elasticity, and high ergonomic properties. Furthermore, these materials are totally free of substances harmful to humans and the environment

Water foamed mattress (or gel water):

The water-foamed mattress is an elastic and ergonomic material, able to support the movements of the body, guaranteeing good support and a good rest. It is a highly resistant and non-deformable material.

The water-foamed materials have the ability to adapt and shape themselves following the natural posture of the body, favoring the shapes and the way of sleeping. This contributes to the prevention of diseases affecting the spine and joints. Moreover, the great adaptability to the body muscles and nerves relax, eliminating tensions, contractures and the annoying sense of fatigue.

Their breathable action is capable of dispersing heat and humidity, preventing the proliferation of mites and therefore the annoying allergies. These mattresses also have the peculiarity of adapting to the body thanks to their structure, sensitive to heat.

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The material is completely non-toxic, as well as hypoallergenic and anti-odor thanks to the creation of a micro-environment that is hostile to mites. The particular processes carried out on the slab surface convey air flows and offer personalized support.

The water-foamed mattresses are light and manageable and the internal breathability of the material allows very simple maintenance.

Water foamed mattress with memory layer:

Many models of foamed water mattresses are also equipped with a slow memory Memory layer formed by viscoelastic foam that self-models the body shapes thanks to its thermal action, minimizing pressure points, to the great benefit of blood circulation and comfort use.