7-zone mattress:

The 7-zone mattress is a specially zoned mattress that supports each body area with varying degrees of strength. As a result, heavy body parts such as shoulders or hips sink deeper. The aim of such zoning is to achieve an orthopedically sound sleeping position and to relieve the spine in the best possible way.

Often multi-zone mattresses are cold foam mattresses that are divided into different hardness zones by means of cuts in the foam core. Meanwhile, virtually all leading manufacturers offer mattress models with reclining areas, including spring mattresses and other types of mattresses.

Due to the thermoplastic effect, visco mattresses do not allow zones, unlike cold foam and comfort foam models. However, you are not necessary with this type of mattress, because Visco adapts well to the body even without lying areas.

Healthy living through sub-laying areas:

The 7-zone cold foam mattress was originally developed for medical use. For example, it should help in the event of herniated discs to relieve and stabilize the spine in the best possible way. In addition, zoning can prevent pressure ulcers in bedridden patients. The pressure of the body weight is better absorbed by the zones, which ensures undisturbed blood circulation during sleep.

Meanwhile, not only orthopedic mattresses have been provided with zones. Especially with back pain and sleep problems, a zoned mattress often provides relief. The zoning promotes an orthopedic healthy body posture, relieves the spine and joints and relieves the pressure of heavy body areas. Check out the blog Bestmattress-brand.org

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How do the individual zones come?

A multi-zone mattress can contain up to 9 lying zones. Which subdivision is most suitable depends on the physique and the individual sleeping position. For optimal support, each body area should come to rest in the designated area. The subdivision into seven lying areas is today standard and is used by nearly all manufacturers.

The 7-zone cold foam mattress is the classic among multi-zone mattresses, as the cold foam core is particularly easy to shape. This is done by cutting or milling in the core. Deep cuts or strong profiling make certain areas of the cold foam mattress softer than others. For spring mattresses zoning can be achieved by springs of different thickness.